O2008 Outback Trading Wool Button-In Liner

O2008 Outback Trading Wool Button-In Liner


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New Design! We have been hard at work making sure our products are the most functional possible. This new design offers a finished black cotton shell, with the same easy to install button attachments. Our Wool Button In Liner is the best way to keep your Low Rider or Stockman Duster along with the Bush Ranger Jacket.

Full Details:

      • Liner Vest Adding Extra Warmth to your Oilskin Garment
      • Compatible with 2042 Low Rider Duster, 5008 Bush Ranger Jacket & 2056                   Stockman Duster
      • Center Back Tab Secures Liner to the Coat
      • Liner Collar Snaps to the Coat Collar
      • Allo

Key Features:

      • Insulated
      • Insulated
      • Warming


  • Western
  • Outdoor
  • Outback Classics
  • Workwear


  • Wool